WTD: 6502, 6522, etc CPU and support ICs

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Tue Jul 30 02:28:00 2002

    I'm currently trying to build up a 6502-based SBC but - in true Sod's
Law fashion - my supplier has dumped the entire 6502 CPU series, despite the
fact they're still made by California Micro Devices. Anyone (preferably in
the UK) got a few spare MOS Technology, Rockwell, Synertek or CalMicro 6502
ICs? I've also seen some photos of 6502 chips with a "VTI" logo - probably
VLSI Technology; anyone ever seen one of these? There is a photo of one on
http://65c02.tripod.com/ - see "SBC-1 Hardware", first photo (right at the
    If anyone with spare stock of 6502s and/or 6502 support ICs could e-mail
me offlist with prices, I'd be very grateful.

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