Aahhh, Relief!

From: Robert Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Wed Jul 31 19:24:00 2002

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Subject: Aahhh, Relief!

> My Gods.
> A responsible vendor. I am agog.
> I snarked an RRD46 (12x CD) drive off eBay a couple of weeks ago. It
> came in today, except it says RRD45. :(
> Like I wanted another 4x CD drive.
> I fired of a reasonably polite, low-intensity complaint to the seller,
> and less than an hour later, got an apology, an offer of a full refund
> including shipping or replacement if they still have an RRD46, and an
> offer, if I pay for the return shipping, to give me "extra" credit on
> any future purchase. Which I'm likely to do.
> I'd much rather "twmaster", the eBay dealer, had sent me the right
> thing to start with. But it's damn nice for somebody to own up to their
> shit, and make good on it.

I've dealt with this fellow too-- he also sells direct. Bought a xyplex
termserver about the same time they were popular on epay. I had no
problems, and would have no trouble recommending him.

Perhaps Honest Vendors would be a good field to add to the classiccmp
database? With maybe a running total of votes, placed by customers?

> Doc

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