Aahhh, Relief!

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Wed Jul 31 17:06:01 2002

  My Gods.
  A responsible vendor. I am agog.
  I snarked an RRD46 (12x CD) drive off eBay a couple of weeks ago. It
came in today, except it says RRD45. :(
  Like I wanted another 4x CD drive.
  I fired of a reasonably polite, low-intensity complaint to the seller,
and less than an hour later, got an apology, an offer of a full refund
including shipping or replacement if they still have an RRD46, and an
offer, if I pay for the return shipping, to give me "extra" credit on
any future purchase. Which I'm likely to do.

  I've been fighting off a client who thinks his 5 grand for a solid
week's work entails lifetime support & handholding, not to mention
training of his dweebs.

  All week I've been trying to get NextCard to quit hitting my bank with
a completely unauthorized $125 direct withdrawal. They admit it's
entirely their fault, but insist that they can't stop the withdrawal!
They say _I_ have to put a stop on the charges at the bank. Meanwhile,
they are adding charges to my credit card for late payment and
over-limit, because they have the payment I did authorize, and which
did clear the bank, on hold. Because there's a "dispute". I'm up three
levels of their complaint desk, and have yet to speak to anyone who
admits to any peculiarity in their actions. "But we already promised to
pay the INS fees and the stop payment at your bank!" But not the late
fees, nor my time off work, nor the expense of faxing them all the
documentation. I can't even get a solid promise to drop all _their_
extra charges, incurred because THEY screwed up!

  I'd much rather "twmaster", the eBay dealer, had sent me the right
thing to start with. But it's damn nice for somebody to own up to their
shit, and make good on it.

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