Symbolics rescue (question about picture)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Mar 1 17:28:26 2002

yes, actually, I did see one on ebay several months ago - sadly, my
absentmindedness forgot to go bid on it *sigh*

Jay West
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Subject: Re: Symbolics rescue (question about picture)

> On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Jay West wrote:
> > For nostalgic reasons, I have wanted to acquire two particular disk
> > drives for a PDP-11 of mine... I don't remember what they are called or
> > what brand. But - there are two of them in the very far right of the
> > symbolics rescue picture at the top of the rack with light brown trim
> > line across the front. Can anyone tell me what those are
> Your talking about RK03 drives. I think they were actually made by Diablo
> and that there were other models of Diablo drives that look like that.
> It looks like the rack in question also contains a DG Nova of some sort.
> I want some RK03s too. I have no disks for my PDP-11/20.
> > and if there are any around to be obtained?
> I haven't seen any on eBay ever, and I think that only a few people on the
> list have them. I doubt I'll ever be able to find one.
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> Jeffrey S. Sharp
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