From: Doug Carman <>
Date: Fri Mar 1 19:27:04 2002

"Jeffrey S. Sharp" wrote:

> But the DECdatasystems are a later packaging, right? If so, how late in
> the life of the 11/70 are we talking? 1908-ish? I'm wondering what
> peripherals I need to look for for it to be a historically accurate,
> catalog-perfect configuration.

The 11/70 I have was originally a DECdatasystem in the double-width
corporate cabinet. It was originally purchased in 1979, and remained in
production until July of 2000. It now resides in H960 racks with a
front panel from an earlier 11/70 in the traditional maroon and pink.
The size of the DECdatasystem cabinet made it impossible to move the
system through normal doorways, and I kinda like the older look.

> I'm guessing an RM03/05/80 would be OK for disks (and easier to handle
> than a RPxx!), but I'm not sure what tape or other things should go with
> it.

My system was originally attached to RP06 disks and a TE16 tape drive.
At the end of its service life, it was attached to RA72 disks and a
TU81+ tape drive, which is the way it remains. All of the MASSBUS
controllers were removed, but I still have enough parts to put one back

Doug Carman
pdp11 at bellsouth dot net
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