From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
Date: Sat Mar 2 01:12:54 2002

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Doug Carman wrote:

> The 11/70 I have was originally a DECdatasystem in the double-width
> corporate cabinet. It was originally purchased in 1979, and remained in
> production until July of 2000.

Mine is in two H960s, and looks to have been manufactured in 1979. It
must have been sitting in the scrapyard for a few months, because there is
some rust in certain places.

> It now resides in H960 racks with a front panel from an earlier 11/70 in
> the traditional maroon and pink. [...] I kinda like the older look.

I like the older look too, but I was very surprised at how nice the
white/blue one looks. I had seen pictures of the 11/55 and thought it
would be ugly. Not so.

> My system was originally attached to RP06 disks and a TE16 tape drive.
> At the end of its service life, it was attached to RA72 disks and a
> TU81+ tape drive,

At least until some MASSBUS peripherals can be found (and possibly for the
rest of the machine's life) I'll probably give it some RA8x drives. I've
got 14 or so in various states of repair, and I must have seen 50 more at
the different scrapyards I've been to. TU8x units also aren't too scarce.

Jeffrey S. Sharp
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