HP IPC (Integral PC) documentation / instructions needed

From: vassilip_at_dsl.cis.upenn.edu <(vassilip_at_dsl.cis.upenn.edu)>
Date: Sat Mar 2 05:49:53 2002

        I have just acquired an IPC with the basic ROM, a 1Mb ram board
and a second HP-IB board. I have downloaded the IPC images from the Peter
Johnson's site but I can't get the IPC to read them.

So I want to check whether the floppy drive works (the mechanism was stuck
and I have to take it apart and clean/oil the mechanism).

I guess that PAM is more or less useless, so I am trying to access the
floppy from Basic. Basic looks similar to that of the Series 80, but I
had no luck with the MASS STORAGE IS command. Is there a list of commands

Also I tried connecting a 9122D external HP-IB dual floppy, the system didn't
seem to notice it was there.

Finally, anybody knows how to format a floppy on the IPC?


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