HP IPC (Integral PC) documentation / instructions needed

From: Wayne M. Smith <wmsmith_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Mar 2 22:34:02 2002

> Finally, anybody knows how to format a floppy on the IPC?

I do, but it won't likely help you much. The instructions for formatting ("initializing") a floppy from the manual are as follows:

1. Select the PAM window
2. Insert the utilities disk (let me guess -- you don't have one)
3. Highlight and start the "format disc program"
4. Press "change name" (F3)
5. Type in the name you want
6. Press return
7. Remove the utilities disk and insert the disk to be formatted
8. Press "start format" (F1)
9. Press "exit" (F8)
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