Grid LT 1755 bat indicator

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Mar 2 17:38:09 2002

 I've scoured the net, even joined the URGrid mail-list, read the Tandy specs
closely, but can't find any info as to what the flashing red battery indicator
means on my Grid 1755. Even the Grid proponents pass on it. It works but
the battery had gone belly-up. I bought a "new" battery and for a while the
former orange changed to green but later on changed to the flashing red. It
accepts minimal charge but not enough to power the HD when off charge and
displays the low-power steady red indicator before dying. If it was simply
indicating a dead battery the old one wouldn't display a steady orange. Could
it be lack of enough amperage from my adaptor to be able to charge ?
 I submit myself to the collective knowledge of the list.

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