A proposal for a definitive URL linc source site

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Sat Mar 2 19:21:05 2002

 I've spent some years on the net searching for info on my latest acquisition
and how to get it functioning. In the mutitude of sites available some provided
useful info on the machine or platform while others simply supplied pictures
of a collection. Sources could lead you to a multitude of sites before you
found the one that answered your questions, if you were lucky.

 The problem is the common problem on the net of too much information.
Sellams site is a case in point, and IINM my site-list from T3C served as a
source for his some of his list. The multitude of sites is just too overwhelming.

 What would be good is the definitive computer site for each computer or the
catagory you're looking for. Jeff Helliges site for the Tandy 2000
 Tim Manns TRS80 site
Kees Travers TRS m.II
Merch's site for the m.100 ( Can't find it in my list.Put it in your sig file Merch)
 For the CoCo
Tandy 1000 page (can't find it- Red dog page ?)
As examples just for the Tandy boxes.

comprehensive sites like the PCjr one

or any of the PS/2 Mafia pages and the IBM Can site for most models

 It would still comprise a multitude of info but would point you to the best
sources of info on that box you just acquired.
 And of course generate a bunch of disagreements on the list as to the
most authoritive site.

Sellams site would likely be the best place to list such a thing as it is well-
known and would likely need only a minimum of re-organisation.

 And of course could have various sections for those into micros, minis, and
even mainframes. Rogers site could be a kickoff for Laptops.

 The main thing would be that the listing was the authoritive site in the
opinion of the list, and save a collector from tedius Google searches.
 Possibly even a rating system could be used.

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