Apple IIe memory board

From: Louis Schulman <>
Date: Sun Mar 3 22:08:12 2002

On Sun, 3 Mar 2002 19:27:20 +0000 (UTC), Sellam Ismail wrote:

#On Sun, 3 Mar 2002, Gary Hildebrand wrote:
#> Trying to figure out what this one is:
#> I think it is an Apple built memory board, has two rows of ram chips, 32
#> total, PLCC custom chip and a 24 pin (rom?) chip at the bafk end of the
#> board. Number silk screened is 670-0024-A
#Are you sure it's for the //e? The only memory boards that I know Apple
#made were for the //gs (if you don't count the 16K "Language Card" and the
#expanded 80 column text card).

Yes, this is for the //e. It is the 1 meg slinky memory board. ProDos will automatically recognize it as a 1 meg ram disk in whatever slot it is in. Appleworks will also
use it automatically, as will a few other programs.

It is great for file transfers, since there is no delay waiting for a physical drive. Very useful.

You guys made me pull the top off my //e to check the card. I just couldn't take it any more.

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