Mikrokolor Color Graphics Interface

From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sun Mar 3 22:30:40 2002

This weekend, I was given MikroKolor Color Graphics Interface by the
person who designed the hardware, Paul Andresen. The basic operation was
to interface a TMS9918A VDP chip to a TRS-80, Apple II, and S-100, and
the output was NTSC color composite video. A color modulator was
required to interface it to a TV. A two part article was written for 80
Micro in 1982 by the person who wrote the software, James W. Cole. They
took out full page ads under the name of "Andresen's Electronics
Research & Development, Inc."

>From their ad:

"The MIKROKOLOR Color Graphics interface is designed to provide the new
TRS-80 Model 100 portable computer with high resolution color graphics
and text capability, utililizing a standard color television or color
monitor. The MIKROKOLOR provides 256 x 192 graphics, with 15 colors plus
transparent. Its 3 dimensional Sprite plances provide for simultaneous
display of all levels. I has four modes of operation available:

1. Text mode: Provides 24 lines of 40 characters each using a 6 x 8 dot
matrix, and provides 256 user devinable characters.
2. Multicolor mode: Provides 64 x 48 color graphics.
3. Graphics 1 mode: Provides 256 x 192 color graphics, 24 lines of 32
characters each, utilizing an 8 x 8 dot matrix with 2 colors per
4 Graphics 2 mode: Provides the same as Graphics 1 mode except allows 16
colors per character."

I'm curious if anyone else on the list has one, and has anyone used the
unit? It seems like it is a pretty neat unit!
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