Apple IIe memory board

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Mar 3 22:59:35 2002

Yeah ... I have to remove the top to get at the PSU, so I look at the cards.
The one I took apart today has a short 64K card, from some 3rd party vendor,
that I've never seen before. A typical IIe costs on the order of $5-10 and
I've yet to see any interesting cards. I'd take an 8" FDC or a SCSI board
myself, BTW, just to say I have one. I've got 5-1/4" and 3-1/2" drives for
these puppies, though I've yet to try the 3-1/2" types on a IIe.

These things are a lot better-built than the ][+, but I guess that's progress.

I do save the socketed standard parts and LSI's, though I don't save the
custom parts or keyboard, generally. I may save a few keyboards, though,
since I'm currenty working an SBC that could conceivably benefit from one.

The PSU's are very adequate for a number of applications since they supply
+12, +5, -5 and -12. Being completely enclosed, they're handy for powering
protypes and demo equipment. It's not unusual to use a dozen or two of them
to power a dozen or two specific functions. I'm in the "proof-of-concept"
business, having prepared front-end prototypes for over 20 years. It's not
unusual to use 20 independent microcontrollers to demonstrate a concept
implemented in software, that later ends up in a single board, or even a
single ASIC. Having them on lots of separate boards makes it easy to
partition the tasks and align the processing bandwidth with the conceptual
boundaries. As the various tasks move from board to board over the evolution
of a project, performance is often improved or reduced, and that gives
information not otherwise obtainable in a short-cycle development effort.


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> What do you use the PSU for? Before you start chucking things, please
> look at the installed cards. I'd love to get a scsi card for mine.
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA
> Richard Erlacher wrote:
> >
> > I've never seen an Apple IIe without the 80-column capability. Is there
> > a thing? I routinely take-apart and scrap the things in order to get the
> > Perhaps I should look next time. I've got one or two from which I'll
> > the PSU once the snow melts off them. I could look to see if I see
> > like that. Ordinarily I don't even look for any extras. I just remove
> > PSU and chuck the rest.
> >
> > Dick
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