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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Mar 4 02:11:30 2002

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Julius Sridhar wrote:

> Is the //c+ faster than the //e?

Yes. It uses a 4Mhz 65C02. The //e, depending on the model, officially
had either a 1Mhz 6502 or 1.1Mhz 65C02.

> How much faster is the //gs than the //c+?

A stock //gs used a 2.8Mhz 65C816 (16-bit registers, 24-bit addressing).
So a speed comparison isn't totally valid, but an Apple ][ program running
on a //c would probably be faster than the same running on a //gs.

> Why didn't they release the //e+?

Never heard of that, but there was the Enchanced //e, which contained a
65C02 and an updated character ROM to include "MouseText", which has line
and icon characters to allow for pretty windows and things.

The basic //e models are:

Original //e - white labeled keys, has old-style lid fasteners like the ][+
Common //e - black labeled keys, new-style lid locks, double hi-res mode
Enhanced //e - keyboard has a smoother action, 65C02 processor, MouseText
Platinum //e - same as Enhanced, "platinum" case color, numeric keypad

There are a few revisions in between the various basic models. The
regular //e could be made into an Enhanced //e with an enhancement kit
which was just a 65C02 and the new character ROM. The original //e cannot
do double hi-res graphics.

There is also the Super ][ board of which only about a hundred were made,
which was supposed to be the prototype for the //e.

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