SCSI options for PDP 11/23

From: Tom Leffingwell <>
Date: Mon Mar 4 14:51:14 2002

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Jerome Fine wrote:

> I can't understand how funding can be so tight that a project which uses
> a $ 100 million satellite can't find the support for a PDP-11 system
> at this point.

Realize that the program paid $0 for the satellite, since it was already
taken out of service from its original use.

> Doe someone nearby have a BA23 box that they can provide you. That
> will be a problem to some extent since you should also have at least
> an M8189 (quad 11/23 with boot ROMs). But I would be willing to send
> that to you if more memory would also help. Otherwise, if 1/4 MByte
> of memory is sufficient, then your present system with a SCSI host
> adapter and hard drive will likely serve you very well.

I did manage to pickup an empty Microvax chassis. Its 9-slot, and I'm not
sure exactly what it is. VS31V-A2 is the model number on the back of the
case, but that sounds like a system model number. Anyway, the 128KW of
memory I have is plenty for what I need. Do I have to use the M8189 with
this chassis or can I use my M8186?
Thanks again,

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