Xyplex, Raylan ?'s

From: Robert Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Mon Mar 4 18:51:43 2002

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> On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Robert Schaefer wrote:
> > I'm also looking for someone who's had a lot of experience with Xyplex
> > 1600 terminal servers, or even still has one in service. I've got one
> > with the memory expansion, but no flash card to boot it from. I have
> > what is supposed to be the latest firmware, but I can't seem to get it
> > to boot properly. The image is tftp'd, and then the box seems to
> > reboot again-- starts the self test over, and fetches the image again.
> > This too has someone's old config set on it, which might be part of
> > the problem.
> I can't say anything good about Xyplex ethernet gear made in the mid to
> late 90s, but their terminal server units may be a little better. Xyplex
> will still sell you the software for their terminal servers, but you won't
> like the price. I have a dual floppy drive stored away somewhere for a
> Xyplex terminal server. It is labeled as "bad", but I imagine it can be
> repaired easily.

This isn't the chassis-based stuff-- it's a 1U 16 RJ45 port term server,
with a PCMCIA slot to hold the firmware flash card. It also will boot off
the network, unfortunantly, it seems to look for it's firmware via tftp,
mop, and a few others-- all at once. Confused the hell outta me for a

If the sales fiction can be believed, it's pretty nice kit. With the
firmware loaded, it speaks telnet, LAT, applewhatevertalk, and some others
that I can't recall. What I really need to do is make a serial cable, and
see if I can get anything outta the ports on the back.

BTW, Xyplex got bought out a while ago. They're Nsomething now, and the
last time I looked, I couldn't fiund anything on their new and disimproved
web site. I also heard (but haven't asked myself) is that the support they
offer is the standard service contract. Not what I want to pay for a $20
piece of hardware to manage my collection of electronic space heaters! :)

> -Toth

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