Xyplex, Raylan ?'s

From: Tothwolf <tothwolf_at_concentric.net>
Date: Mon Mar 4 21:16:21 2002

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Robert Schaefer wrote:

> This isn't the chassis-based stuff-- it's a 1U 16 RJ45 port term
> server, with a PCMCIA slot to hold the firmware flash card. It also
> will boot off the network, unfortunantly, it seems to look for it's
> firmware via tftp, mop, and a few others-- all at once. Confused the
> hell outta me for a while!

It makes sense that it is trying several means to find its software. I'd
expect it to check the internal flash card, tftp, then mop.

> If the sales fiction can be believed, it's pretty nice kit. With the
> firmware loaded, it speaks telnet, LAT, applewhatevertalk, and some
> others that I can't recall. What I really need to do is make a serial
> cable, and see if I can get anything outta the ports on the back.
> BTW, Xyplex got bought out a while ago. They're Nsomething now, and
> the last time I looked, I couldn't fiund anything on their new and
> disimproved web site. I also heard (but haven't asked myself) is that
> the support they offer is the standard service contract. Not what I
> want to pay for a $20 piece of hardware to manage my collection of
> electronic space heaters! :)

I wasn't aware anyone bought out Xyplex, but it does not surprise me.
Their technical support always was bad, and they would not supply manuals
or software for older products without an expensive support contract.

A little searching with Google turned up these urls for the 1600:

Searching the sunhelp.org list archives turned up a few more tidbits:

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