Symbolics transport (was: Re: Getting Unix to run on a PDP-11 /34)

From: Julius Sridhar <>
Date: Mon Mar 4 20:03:52 2002

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:

> > > And to stop this discussion: Wat a collector really needs is a truck
> > > with at least 7,5t of loading capacity and a forklift.
> > No ... what a collector really needs is not to live on the third
> > floor.:)
> Why not?
> That leaves TWO floors for mainframes and minis, with micros, terminals
> and living quarters on the third.
> For a micro collector, and even small minis, a mommy-van is adequate.
> Particularly if you were to add a trailer hitch and trailer and a
> wheelchair style lift.

I'm a mainframe collector. If I have parts of my collection on the second
floor of the building in which I live, and there isn't an elevator, it
will suck. I have several machines which would crush a minivan.
Forklifts aren't really worth the effort. Give me a truck with a liftgate
and a 20T GVW, and I'll be a happy man.

Peace... Sridhar
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