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Date: Mon Mar 4 20:23:13 2002

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002 wrote:

> On 04-Mar-2002 Pat Finnegan wrote:
> > Uhm, A hatch-back? Sort of like a car turned wanna-be SUV.
> As opposed to a SUV turned into a wannabe minivan, driven by a wannabe
> "backroader".

<pet peeve>
  There were several years in which the Land Rover was (is?) the
suburbanites' town car of choice. There are several million dollars
worth of off-road British iron in this county that's never seen dirt.
  My little sister, who grew up riding dirtbikes, shooting 12-ga
shotguns & chewing tobacco with her three brothers, got a Range Rover
for her birthday a couple of years ago. She lives in El Paso, center of
a HUGE unpopulated and unfenced desert.
  She sold the Rover 9 months later because her hubby had a conniption
everytime she hopped a curb, and _once_ let her drive around a levelled,
graded construction area in 4wd. Forget taking it into the desert. She
bought a Miata, spent about the value of the Rover souping up the Miata,
and now he just screams about the tickets....
</pet peeve>

  I personally believe that a 2-wheel-drive long-wheel-base 3/4-ton
pickup is the best ATV there is.


P.S. -- All of us grew out of the tobacco-chewing phase fairly early...
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