What is the 'official' name?

From: Doug Carman <pdp11_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon Mar 4 20:24:51 2002

"Jeffrey S. Sharp" wrote:
> What is the 'official' name of the thing we call 'rack-top panel', 'rack
> header panel', 'maroon/red panel', 'logo panel', 'marquee', etc.?

>From the 11/70 drawings:

D-IA-7010780-0-0 PANEL LOGO 11/70
D-IA-7010780-1-0 PANEL LOGO (BLANK)

I guess "panel" is the official term.

BTW: I'm looking for the second one. It is the one that would have been
at the top of any cabinet other than the CPU in an 11/70 system.

Doug Carman
pdp11 at bellsouth dot net
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