Suggestions for hauling Computer Garage from Beaverton, OR to , Yates Center, KS?

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Mon Mar 4 21:54:26 2002

> I used Budget most of the time and if you call 30 day or more in advance
> and on a Sunday you get a discount on the everyday price. My last rental
> from them was $1024 (without a trailer) most times it's close to $1200
> for 7 days and 1500 free miles for a one way rental. They way better
> trucks than U-haul does and I have rented from them also.

For the record, RCS/RI generally gets Ryder. I have used them as well,
and they are much better than UHaul.

I do not know how much stuff Jim has, or how much time either, but If I
were in the same situation, I would bite the bullet and fly out to Oregon
(the ticket might not be too bad if done in advance) and get a decent
truck one-way.

To save money, he (not sure if he is subscribed to the list) might get a
smaller truck, then pack the remainders for a "partial load" shipment.
There are carriers that will move things quite cheaply, but you might
have to wait a month or two. When I remember thatname of the carrier
(they are used by DoD quite a bit), I will post it.

William Donzelli
Received on Mon Mar 04 2002 - 21:54:26 GMT

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