Suggestions for hauling Computer Garage from Beaverton, OR to Yates Center, KS?

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
Date: Tue Mar 5 01:26:08 2002

On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Julius Sridhar wrote:

> > (2) Trucks will provide more bracing and/or places to tie rope to.
> A lot of the heavier equipment out there will break the strapping on a
> rental truck.

Right. Don't tie huge cabinets off with one rope. Use very liberal
amounts of rope, and tie off in as many places as you can to distribute
the force. Know how to tie good knots like the bowline, and tie rope as
tightly as possible. Pad cabinets (see below) where rope makes corners;
this protects both the cabinet and the rope.

Another suggestion. Go to Home Depot or an equivalent store and purchase
many rolls of carpet padding. It tears easily into decently regular
shapes, and is not totally resistant to packing tape. It is also
reusable. Before you tie up cabinets, use packing tape to hang sheets of
carpet padding over the sides of cabinets. If you're short on padding,
just pad the parts of cabinets that touch other things. Carpet padding
also makes nice mats for smaller things like RL02 drives, etc.

Jeffrey S. Sharp
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