Need Shugart 851 manual

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Mar 5 08:46:11 2002

see below, plz.


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> At 04:31 PM 3/4/02 -0700, Richard wrote:
> >I'd advise you to pursue this from the controller end, initially.
> Good idea. Unfortunately the card connector is numbered 1-100 with odd
> numbers on one side and even one the other (exactly same as S-100). But
> it's connector is numbered A1 through A50 on one side and B1 through B50 on
> the other. It makes things confusing! It's not something that you should
> do when you're tired!

Agreed ... I'm having a little trouble with that one myself ... there are only
25 pairs on the cable. What do they do with the numbers greater than 25 on
one side and 50 on the other?

Perhaps you'll want to give up on using th '85x's on the Intel box and use
80x's instead. There will be a cleaner path for you to follow, though,
clearly, it won't be totally obvious.

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