KL10-E looking for a good home

From: Heinz Wolter <h.wolter_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Tue Mar 5 10:46:45 2002

After much consideration, I've decided to try to find a new home for my
PDP10 KL-10E. I'm trying to get my collection size down to a more
manageable state and concentrate on my PDP11s, Vaxen and Crays.
Right now, I simply don't have the means to house and power the machine, and
would rather see it go to someone that does.

I've not yet decided if I will ask money for it (I've already invested thousands
in purchase, shipping and storage costs over the last 5 years), trade
for some PDP11's or just offer it for free to a good deserving keeper.
Other interesting trades like an S/390s, Cray EL's, J90s etc also considered.

Please realize that it's not a turnkey system. It lacks disk drives, so
something will have to be done in that regard - either interfacing more
modern drives or getting some massbus drives (18 bit set PDP11 drives etc).
It does have the complete PDP11/40 front end system, RHs and 2x NIAs.
The cabinets will have to be reconnected and the system tested
and brought up in an orderly manner by someone familiar with this
class of machine. Shipping will be the responsibility of the receiver-
4 wide cabs - ~700lbs each? Should go by air ride and crated if not
carefully hand packed/tied to a truck/trailer. System is located in Canada
approx. 2 hrs from Windsor-Detroit or 1 hr from Niagara Falls Buffalo.

Preference given to millionaires able to afford to keep it running 24x7
and provide free online public accounts ;)
Private individuals with knowledge of and respect for DEC equipment
esp. 10's/TOPS or those wishing to set up museums/displays and actually run
the equipment will be given greater consideration.

I'm loathe to put it on ebay so some dot-scam lottery winner
can buy it just to say they've got a PDP10, so I'm giving people
on this list first dibs.

This is definitely not a first come first served, or highest bidder/trader
situation - but more like finding the best home for a beloved pet.
I thank all respondents in advance, but I can only reply to a limited
number of serious inquiries.Please respond off-list.

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