Suggestions for hauling Computer Garage from Beaverton, ORt

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Date: Tue Mar 5 15:25:15 2002

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> [ complete and total snippage about starting diesels ]
> I don't know *anything* about big diesels, but I remember leaving lit cans
> of Sterno under the Mercedes 220D on the 20 below nights... Why block
> heaters aren't a factory default on the Benz, I'll never know.
> --John

On friend's 1968 Mercedes 300D 5 cylinders w/ uneven injector box
(throbbing idle), started fine at -15C midnight stone cold
with help from glow plugs.

Diesel is the way to go for best diesel milage. Too efficient
burn that you don't have any heat left over to play with especially
at no to low loads. On newer diesel cars, crank heat up full,
heaters in coolent passages kicks in.


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