IBM 3840

From: Julius Sridhar <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 00:52:43 2002

On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Pat Finnegan wrote:

> An IBM 3840 Tape System just came in recently at Purdue University Salvage
> and Surplus. The guy that works there (Don) said he would try and figure
> out a price for it. The system includes:
> 1) 1x3840 A22 controller
> 2) 2x3840 B22 dual-tape drive
> 3) 1x3840 B22 dual-tape drive with autochanger.
> The item was in 'unknown status', but appeared to be complete. I've asked
> him to hold off on scrapping the system until at least next Tuesday. If
> you're interested, contact me off list, and I'll try to see what he'll
> want for it(you can make an offer for him). Currently, I don't have any
> way to move it or store it (more than a couple days in my apartment that
> is) so the pickup would either have to be by Tuesday by you or I'd have to
> rent a truck to move it to my place for temporary storage (which I'd ask
> $20+truck charges for).
> If no-one's interested by next Tuesday, I'll tell him to go ahead and
> scrap it, so make up your minds soon...
> I'll post a price for it as soon as I find one out.

I think you mean 3480. I might be interested, and even if I turn out not
to be, you should pick it up and sell it to a mainframe surplus joint for

Peace... Sridhar
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