OpenSTEP for VMS

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 11:44:58 2002

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> near certain that what I have is an X11 window manager named OpenSTEP.
> I've used GNUSTEP, AfterSTEP, and their nephew WindowMaker. All cool,
> but not what I was referring to.

Doc, I think maybe you're confusing OpenStep with OpenWindows (OpenLook),
which was a SUN environment, and is, in fact, relatively well replicated
on linux. In fact, I'd say that byte-for-byte it's the most complete,
useable desktop environment available under Linux today. Much better
than those poor, bloated pieces of garbage that GNOME, KDE, Enlightenment,
etc, have become.

...but it's not OpenStep. It's neither as elegant nor as complete as the
NeXT environment, IMO. It's also not as pretty ;)

Actually, WindowMaker is the "official" window management component of
the GNUStep project. It's a (small, but visible) subset of GNUStep, in
other words, and not separate.

GNUStep consists of lots of UI libraries, supporting utilities (or it
should have those by now, rather -- I haven't checked in a while), and
misc. other stuff. All of that, when coupled with the window manager
should eventually give one an environment which is source compatible
with OpenStep on other platforms.

It's unfortunate that the project isn't further along. (finished!) I
tried to compile the whole of GNUStep (all that was available) for
Linux several years ago, and there wasn't anywhere near enough to work
with at that point. I ended up deleting everything but the window
manager. :)

I may try again soon.

There's another NeXT like WM named Bowman, on which AfterStep is based.


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