Pre-7400-series logic ICs (was Re: Weird 7410)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 23:34:51 2002

--- Tony Duell <> wrote:
I wrote:
> > build a replica of a DW08...

Errp... a PT08 not a DW08. The DW08 is on a different page and is a
bus converter.

> ...DEC's pre-TTL TTY interface made from W-series and R-series logic.

> > 8 x MC724P "Dual J-K Flip- Flop"
> > 5 x MC724P "Quad Input Gate" (NAND)
> I don't believe that the 724 is both a NAND gate and a J-K flip-flop
> :-)...

Strike two! The MC790 is the Dual J-K FF.
> > GND is on pin 4, Vcc is shown to be +3.6 VDC on pin 11...

> Almost certainly RTL. The 3.6V power line is the big clue. I know I
> don't have data sheets for them, but I could probably find pinouts if
> pushed. I guess you have that info on the schematic, though.

Pinouts I got. Physical and electrical specs (and actual parts!) I don't



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