info on Intel 86/330 computer?

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Mar 7 07:46:12 2002

   I just finished picking up four Intel Multibus computers. The labels on
them say "sys 86/330" or "psyp 86/330". Is anyone familar with them? I
searched Google but didn't find much except that they're not Y2K
compatible. (surprise, surprise!)

  These have a six slot Multibus card rack inside with hard drive
controller card with floppy drive daughter board, 256k memeory card, intel
iSBC 86/30 CPU (8086) card with 8087 NDP daughterboard installed. They aslo
have an 8" floppy drive and HAD an 8" hard drive (removed :-( Thery're in
steel cases that measure about 14"w x 14"h x 20" deep and are painted a
yellowish white color.

  Any info would be appreciated.

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