What would a 20th Anniversary pdp11/93 be worth?

From: Bill Bradford <mrbill_at_mrbill.net>
Date: Thu Mar 7 11:21:58 2002

Hrm. Question I got in the mail today:

(combination of three emails I got from him..)

>I have the 20th Anniversary PDP 11/83 that I won at the 1989 DECUS in
>New Orleans. I have RSTS/E 10.0-L running on it. It had been sitting
>since 1992 and I booted it up about 4 months ago and it has been running
>I'm kind of partial to it. I go back to 1981 in RSTS/E with a PDP 11/70.
>I would like to know how valuable it is?
>It is painted Black and has the 20th Anniversary PDP logo on both sides
>and the front of it. And I probably have the shipping papers that came
>with it.

Thoughts? What *would* a machine like this be worth?

Bill (BTW, I'm looking for an 11/73, /83, or /93...)

Bill Bradford
Austin, TX
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