Thinning the heard

From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Fri Mar 8 00:45:58 2002

At 12:22 AM 8/03/2002 -0500, John Chris Wren wrote:
> I can't say that I completely agree that FCFS is always
> fair. Some of us
>live in front of our computers, and run mail checking every 3 minutes. Some
>people have jobs that don't permit them to check their email more often,
>such as the guy at the Circle-K, people who are on the road a lot during the
>day, etc. And there's the whole issue of mailserver latency, something not
>all of us have control over. It seems to take my messages over an hour
>before I see them, whereas on a Yahoo! message board I use, they show up in
>5 or 6 minutes.

Don't forget, some of us live in a somewhat different time zone. For
example, at the moment I'm at +1100 and John seems to be at -0500 so even
if I sit in front of my computer for all the daylight hours here I'll still
miss things. For example, Allison's post (and the follow up saying the
Pro's had gone) were in the batch I read after getting home from work
Friday evening - not that I mind, I do have a couple of Pro380s sitting in
a cupboard....

Still I think we should stick with FCFS until I miss out on that really
desirable Pascal MicroEngine that someone offers (I'd even pay shipping to
Australia for one of them - well probably :-)

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