Thinning the heard

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Mar 8 01:50:21 2002

So, where does it say that life, or, for that matter, anything else is, or has
to be, fair? Pretty soon someone will be saying that it's unfair that he
can't have computer xyz because his wife won't let him. It's not our fault he
wants to have a wife. Life is the product of the decisons that shape it.

Deal with it!

(Of course, there's really very little classic hardware that I want, and of
what I have I'd probably prefer to have less.)


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> On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Jeffrey S. Sharp wrote:
> > Our traditional methods (usually FCFS) for redistributing goods are fair
> > and sufficient; we ought not to get into the practice of preemptive
> > first-dibbing.
> Actually, I bet it's more like: friends first, then back-scratchers,
> then local folk, then finally out on the list. As it should be.
> No dibbing. Unless Sridhar gives up on that 270. Then it's mine.
> Doc
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