Thinning the herd

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Mar 8 01:56:11 2002

This culling is something I occasionally go through, normally with the aid of
the dumpster.

One thing I'm finding really useful is Apple IIe/][/][+ power supplies. This
leaves me with the occasional main board, case, etc. If anyone wants such
things, keeping in mind that I'm not an Apple conoiseur, and don't want to
have to learn about the various options, etc, I'd be happy to ship them for
cost. I seldom buy such things unless they're under $10, and you can guess
that I wouldn't buy one for more than I'm willing to pay for the PSU.
Normally, there are few or no optional boards. Postage is all it'll cost you,
but I don't want to invest in someone else's stuff.

I'll package & ship, but only if you spring for the postage up front.

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