Grant cards (was Re: MicroVAX-II questions)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Mar 8 22:59:58 2002

--- wrote:
> > M9047 Grant card
> What ever you do, don't let this card out of your sight.

No kidding. I think I've seen three Qbus grant cards in my life.

OTOH, Unibus grant cards are plentiful. We used to ship one with every
COMBOARD (so you could pull our board out and still use your machine if
you had to send it back for service or if DEC wouldn't fix your machine
with a non-DEC board installed).

One of these days, I need to scan the "Grantasaurus Rex" - the first
NPR grant card for the Unibus. Much cooler than the standard DEC
green-handled card.

If by some chance anyone out there needs NPR (dual-height) Unibus
Grant cards, let me know. I have plenty, new in the bag (they cost
us about $18 each, way back when). These have no plastic handles -
there's a cutout near the top for convenient extraction. Probably
ought to scan these too, just cause they are not a run-of-the-mill
card. Wish we'd had enough foresight to add a couple more pins to
the design to make them convertible from Unibus to Qbus (move the
jumpers and... voila...)

Anyone could _make_ some functional Qbus grant cards, but given how
large they would be, even a double-sided card costs a few dollars,
just to remove that much copper from the blank.


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