Nice Manuals found up in the above garage storage area

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sat Mar 9 15:04:00 2002

I have not been up in the storage area for over 10 years and I found
several items of interest up there;
1. AJ832 keyboard printer terminal operator's manual
2. IBM - Introduction to IBM Data Processing Systems C20-1684-2 a pretty
cool book.
3.IBM - Introduction to Virtual Storage in the System/370 GR20-4260-1
4. IBM - An Introduction to Linear Programming GE20-8171-0
5. Data Storage System 370 service
6. HP 9825 Desktop Computer Quick Reference
7. HP 9825A Desktop Computer Operating and Programming
7. A notebook with the 9825 Customer Course in it:
covers - introduction; mainframe; array variables; tape;strings;
advanced programming; general I/O; HP-IB;9872 Plotter;9885 Floppy Disk;
Matrix Rom.

Also found some old IBM clear/blue reel tape covers and a few punch

Not 10 years old yet but yesterday at the thrift I picked up a Compaq
Armada 7770DMT ( 233MHZ) laptop for $14.99. It was missing the
powercord and CD-ROM drive. I was able to find a cord today but cost
$20 at the second store I stopped at. I got it and so far the machines
seems to work fine. I'm waiting to see if it will hold a charge.
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