Intel RAM - What came when

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Mar 10 19:22:12 2002

  Here's an interesting site that I found that may help:
<>. click on Museum and then scroll to the bottom
of the page and click on "Historical Memories".

  You might also try Intel's website and search for 1103 or similar.
There's some interesting stories there too.


At 04:57 PM 3/10/02 -0500, you wrote:
> I need to know was If you think you know dates, give them. In
>know that Intel's first RAM was the 3101 SRAM Then came the 1101 SRAM
>I "think" the 1103 DRAM was next. Then comes... What? Not sure
>which came first. I think the 2111 and 2112 came after the 2102.
>Anyway, if you can help, let me know what order you Intel RAM was
>introduced. I've tried figuring this out from the 1977 IC Master but it
>list everything up thru the 2114 and does not indicate when the chips were
>introduced. Here's the base numbers I'm interested in. 1101 1103
>2101 2102 2105 2106 2107 2108 2109 2111 2112 2113 2114 2115 2116 2117
>2118 2125 2148 2149 3101 3102 3104 3106 3107 5101 Also, if you know of
>any early Intel RAM not listed, please let me know. As always, I am
>looking to buy any vintage Intel or Intel 2nd source processors, EPROM's,
>PROMS's, ROM, RAM, or support chips you have, that I don't, that you
>don't need. following: Intel C1701 EPROM Intel C1702 EPROM (not
>C1702A) Intel C1602 PROM Intel C1602A PROM Intel C3101A in white CerDIP
>package without visible gray traces. Intel C2704 EPROM Intel C8080
>(not C8080A) Eng Samples of Intel 4004 thru 8088 processors. Toshiba
>TMP9080AC (8080 clone) Mitsubishi M58710S (8080 clone) AMD started using
>the AM9080 part numbers.
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