HP series 80

From: roosmcd_at_dds.nl <(roosmcd_at_dds.nl)>
Date: Mon Mar 11 12:18:17 2002

 This weekend I picked up a HP 9915A computer (rackmount HP-85) with 2 HP-IB,
serial and BCD card. I've also got the manuals for the expansion cards and a
manual for a HP-85. I haven't got the tapes and the keyboard.

 Does anyone have the pin-out for the connectors on the back? There is a
keyboard and a control (=com?) port on the back, but I don't know what I should
connect to those. I tried connecting a terminal to the serial card, but there
wasn't any output. It gives an error message on the composite video output, so
I guess the unit is working OK. And the last question, what are those
unlabelled keys on the front of the unit? Are these softkeys like on other Hp

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