problems with INITIALIZE MUC6: (TK50)

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Mon Mar 11 13:24:16 2002

Geoff, thanks for your reply, but I don't want this to get down
the TK50 vs. TK70 path. (I will even hold back my beliefs about
whether CompacTape-II media is physically different from CompacTape

I do have a TK50 drive hanging off the TBK70 controller, which
supposedly works (and it certainly does work to an extent.)
I need to write a TK50 tape because I don't have a TQK70
controller for the uVAX-II for which I need this diagnostic
tape that I'm trying to write.

Any other ideas what might be wrong there? Or is it possible
to increase the retry counter for VMS tape writing? NetBSD
obviously gets by with those media errors because it simply
retries it more often(?).


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