I have a PDP-11/34 programmer's console, what should I do with it?

From: Andreas Freiherr <Andreas.Freiherr_at_Vishay.com>
Date: Mon Mar 11 13:43:26 2002


the expedition was successful: I have the schematics. Now the problem is
that I only have an A4 size scanner, so I cannot provide full pages, but
I can pick out the important part from the center of each page.

There are three pages in this part of the print set:

        1 - component locations
        2 - keypad and LEDs
        3 - display

There are other parts, dealing with, e.g., the UNIBUS board where the
8008 processor lives (not the ROM listings, however). Let me know if you
want some of this stuff, too.

I will send three b/w scans (ranging from 33 to 41kB in size) directly
to you. If anybody else might want them, please let me know. Too bad
they won't qualify for uploading somewhere on the net due to being
incomplete. Anybody want to donate a larger scanner? ;-)


John Allain wrote:
> > we're talking about the programmer's console that has ...
> > ADR", "DIS ADR", "EXAM", "DEP", "BOOT", "INIT" etc?
> Most assuredly.
> > I might try to find the docs during the weekend
> TIA as they say.
> I have a console sitting here with nothing to do.
> John A.

Andreas Freiherr
Vishay Semiconductor GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany
Received on Mon Mar 11 2002 - 13:43:26 GMT

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