DEC: Checked but not Mated.

From: David Betz <>
Date: Mon Mar 11 14:10:55 2002


I think I promised to send you some boot disks for the DecMate-III but
never had time to make them. Is that correct? Do you still need them?

On another note, I believe that you expressed an interest in the Pro-350
and Pro-380 that Allison Parent was giving away. Is that correct? I
picked them both up today and was able to get the Pro-380 to boot POS
but the Pro-350 won't boot. Allison says it has Venix installed but I
just get a picture of a diskette when I try to boot it which suggests to
me that it can't find an operating system on the RD-51. Do you have any
interest in the Pro-350 in this condition? Do you have any idea what
might be wrong with it? The two octal numbers displayed on the screen
are 010377/177776 with the 01 in the first number highlighted and the
entire second number highlighted. Does that mean anything to you?

David Betz

On Saturday, December 29, 2001, at 12:13 PM, John Allain wrote:

> Sorry about the absurd title.
> I have a DecMate-III that I never checked out until Yesterday.
> The parts are easy to get: standard Dec monitor and kbd.
> It POST's OK to an enhanced text "Decmate" screen. period.
> Sooo..
> Where can I find RX50/images for O/S of same? (OS278?
> or some such). Anybody have CP/M for it? Anybody know
> a way to hack into the auto-test or do I need a diskette for
> that too?
> John A.
> not too many Q's I hope.
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