Top collectable machines

From: Ernest <>
Date: Mon Mar 11 14:26:31 2002

> >> Out of curiosity, how many here care whether or not the machines they
> >> collect are considered "collectable" or "top collectable?" Isn't the
> >> point of collecting these machines to have fun toys to play with?
> >> Collecting was more fun, and the machines were easier to find, when
> >> nearly everyone considered them worthless a decade or so ago.

I am a lot more selective now than I was a couple of years ago -partly
because I quickly filled my limited space, and as I learned more about
different systems I realized that some were more interesting to me than
others. I mostly began collecting because I was curious about old
computers that I had never seen or worked on but also because I enjoyed
the thrill of the hunt.

The fun that I have with these old computers mostly comes from repairing
and restoring them, and hunting for additional items that would make them
complete (manuals, software, etc.) Once I've cleaned and repaired them, I
add them to my web page as reference for others, and perhaps as a bit of
trophy display for myself as well. Once I've done that, I am usually open
to the idea of trading or selling them... but not in every case.

My friends and family couldn't care less about my old computers, except
that they know that it's a hobby that I enjoy so they at least try to be
excited for me when I tell them about a new find. I'm also better about
self policing, which makes the collecting part easier on them. I collect
purely for my own enjoyment but I don't mind bragging a bit sometimes to
other collectors who DO care.

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