HP LJ 2 mobo -> Apple LW 2 NT

From: Curt Vendel <curt_at_atarimuseum.com>
Date: Mon Mar 11 15:00:26 2002

Interesting question Chris.... Its been a while since I've been under the
hood of either, so some of the basic questions:

Will the HPLJ2 board fit into the slot underneath the LW2NT?
Does it have the same connector?

The engines are the same, its just the connections and physical mounting
guides & size for the controller that matters... I took the Apple LW2NT
certification back in 90 and while a great course, they never went so
indepth as to list out the actual pinouts of the connectors so you have to
hope that someone out there may have the technical schematics of the LW2NT
and somewhere else you can locate the same on the LJ2.


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> does anyone know if it is safe to yank the logic board from an HP
> LaserJet II and stick it into an Apple Laserwriter II NT. I know they are
> the same printer engine, with just minorly different features (Apple has
> no font slots for instance).
> I have a pseduo broken HP and a fully working Apple, but I want the
> parallel interface. So rather than buying a kit to fix the paper pickup
> problem the HP has, I was thinking of just swapping logic boards.
> Is this possible? or will I blow something? (I'd rather not just blindly
> experiment, since I am running short of working laser printers, and can't
> afford to trash these)
> -chris
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