HP LJ 2 mobo -> Apple LW 2 NT

From: Russ Blakeman <rhb57_at_vol.com>
Date: Mon Mar 11 17:22:25 2002

I'll look and see if I have a legal - I have a box of LJ 2 and III trays,
not sure if I have legals left though. Shipping to the C-U area from here is
cheap and then a couple bucks for the tray would work. I need more space
around here anyway.

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=> >Will the HPLJ2 board fit into the slot underneath the LW2NT?
=> >Does it have the same connector?
=> Humm... I didn't get that far as actually pulling the board.
=> Although, this whole printer has been one slap my head experience.
=> I had a printer die that was hooked up to an NT box to act as a network
=> print spooler (well, actually, the printer works fine, but it
=> needs a new
=> drum and developer kit $200 for the pair, and that isn't worth it for
=> this printer).
=> So I bought the HP from the local salvation army store for $20. When I
=> tried to use it, it was failing to pickup the paper... a new pickup kit
=> is $30 (well worth it for the HP LJ2). But since I had the
=> unused working
=> Apple LW IINT, I figured I could just swap the mobo so I can use the
=> parallel interface to reconnect to my NT spooler.
=> Well... head slap #1... I don't need to replace the pickup rollers... I
=> just needed to clean them, and use a little rubber rejuvenator... now it
=> picks up like a charm.
=> So I do the swap, get it all hooked up to my NT spooler, get everything
=> working... and head into the office of the only computer that matters
=> about printing to it... to find head slap #2...
=> I changed the PC to a Mac last week and totally forgot.... that means I
=> could have just used my Apple LW IINT with a quick and dirty LocalTalk
=> connection! I didn't need to go thru all this buying and fixing and
=> testing of the HP after all! (For the handful of PCs that also print to
=> the printer, I can let them use the NT spooler over a serial connection,
=> and just deal with the painfully slow print speed... the others only
=> print 5 or 6 times a year anyway).
=> So now, later this week... I will change the printer AGAIN, and
=> go to the
=> Apple LW IINT over Localtalk (probably dedicate an old Mac with ethernet
=> to act as a Ethernet to Localtalk bridge).
=> But at least I have a working HP LJ 2 to use elsewhere.... now to find a
=> legal cassette tray for it.
=> -chris
=> <http://www.mythtech.net>
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