HP LJ 2 mobo -> Apple LW 2 NT

From: Chris <mythtech_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon Mar 11 15:51:37 2002

>Will the HPLJ2 board fit into the slot underneath the LW2NT?
>Does it have the same connector?

Humm... I didn't get that far as actually pulling the board.

Although, this whole printer has been one slap my head experience.

I had a printer die that was hooked up to an NT box to act as a network
print spooler (well, actually, the printer works fine, but it needs a new
drum and developer kit $200 for the pair, and that isn't worth it for
this printer).

So I bought the HP from the local salvation army store for $20. When I
tried to use it, it was failing to pickup the paper... a new pickup kit
is $30 (well worth it for the HP LJ2). But since I had the unused working
Apple LW IINT, I figured I could just swap the mobo so I can use the
parallel interface to reconnect to my NT spooler.

Well... head slap #1... I don't need to replace the pickup rollers... I
just needed to clean them, and use a little rubber rejuvenator... now it
picks up like a charm.

So I do the swap, get it all hooked up to my NT spooler, get everything
working... and head into the office of the only computer that matters
about printing to it... to find head slap #2...

I changed the PC to a Mac last week and totally forgot.... that means I
could have just used my Apple LW IINT with a quick and dirty LocalTalk
connection! I didn't need to go thru all this buying and fixing and
testing of the HP after all! (For the handful of PCs that also print to
the printer, I can let them use the NT spooler over a serial connection,
and just deal with the painfully slow print speed... the others only
print 5 or 6 times a year anyway).

So now, later this week... I will change the printer AGAIN, and go to the
Apple LW IINT over Localtalk (probably dedicate an old Mac with ethernet
to act as a Ethernet to Localtalk bridge).

But at least I have a working HP LJ 2 to use elsewhere.... now to find a
legal cassette tray for it.


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