HP LJ 2 mobo -> Apple LW 2 NT

From: Chris <mythtech_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon Mar 11 20:15:29 2002

>So, to fit the HP formatter board into the Apple chassis, you need to
>replace the base tray (so as to provide the font slots), the connectors
>on the DC controller board (or maybe just swap the entire board :-(), the
>control panel (no way will the HP board drive the Apple LED panel), and
>thus part of the outer casing as well. It's possible, but why bother.

Yeah really... at that point I might as well either yank the good pickup
rollers from the Apple, or for $30 just buy another set.

>It would be simpler to swap over the rollers (or the complete pickup
>shaft assembly). Those parts are _identical_ between the 2 printers.
>Take off the outer casing at the top (lots of screws, then unplug the
>cable to the status LEDs or control panel).

Yeah, I have done this repair on my Apple LW IINT once before... I will
most likey buy another kit for the HP when the fuser on it dies (it has a
nasty scar across it, and is starting to peel... it is still printing
fine with no adverse marks, but I suspect in a few months of decent use,
that will stop being the case)


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