HP LJ 2 mobo -> Apple LW 2 NT

From: Chris <mythtech_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon Mar 11 20:18:06 2002

>I'll look and see if I have a legal - I have a box of LJ 2 and III trays,
>not sure if I have legals left though. Shipping to the C-U area from here is
>cheap and then a couple bucks for the tray would work. I need more space
>around here anyway.

Yeah if you have one that would be great. The HP had no trays when I got
it. I had a spare letter try for my Apple which fits nicely (although is
grey rather than brown, but who cares).

Let me know if you find a legal try (or any good parts/trays) and how
much you would want.



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