Geometric Array Processor board

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Mar 11 21:31:03 2002


At 08:30 PM 3/11/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Having worked on parallel processors such as the Connection Machine, and
>more recently the Blue Ice Ultra boards, all I can say is...
>Freeking cool find!

    It's another find that came from Penny's!

    Do you have any docs for the 45cg72?

>Joe wrote:
>> Does anyone know much about these? I picked up TWO of these cards today
>> and each one has 144 NCR45CG72 ICs on it. It looks ike EACH IC has 72
>> microproccesors in it. That makes a total of 20,736 processors!!! Here's a
>> bit that I found while searching the net. IN FACT, these may be the exact
>> cards that this guy is referring to since much of the stuff that I find
>> does orginate at MMC.
>> Joe
>> 9. Geometric Arithmatic Parallel Processor {GAPP}, a real time vision
>> recognition, dynamically partitionable, dynamically fault reconfigurable,
>> array processor (SIMD) for Martin Marietta in Orlando. Each IC contained
>> 72 microprocessors, composed of a single TCU and multiple ALU-register
>> sets. Array grows in X and Y dimensions to match a required image array of
>> pixels matrix, and decimates in time to allow fault reconfiguration and
>> price/performance options. First successful SIMD VLSI. First successful
>> real time image recognition. Responsibility included addition to
>> instruction set {If then, case, etc based on if any, if all, if none},
>> redesign for performance enhancement, and design of fault reconfiguration
>> switching at internal IC level and external array coordination.
>> Non-classified version is the 45CG72 from NCR.
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