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Date: Tue Mar 12 00:33:04 2002

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> I've been looking for info on an Altos 580. It's pretty thin. The
> little I've found shows the db25 connectors as rs232s, and mentions
> terminals. Does that mean I can get a console on my trusty MicroTerm?
> If not, are there any peripherals anywhere? Display, keyboard, an OS
> maybe?

One of my favorite systems, Multiuser Z80. I had several of these about 1990.

Only one of the serial ports is the console port, zero IIRC. Should work with
a standard serial terminal, Wyse 50 etc. Your MicroTerm should work. Uses a
serial printer also.

I am not sure I can trust my memory without pictures as to the layout of the
db25. IIRC (L to R) Ser Printer, Terminal, Terminal, Console? I don't
remember if there was a serial modem port or not.

No SW any more, sorry I hope you find some, it is a nice little computer.

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