New hard drive in an Indigo2

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 12:21:08 2002

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> I've got a Mylex PCI 20mbit adapter (DAC960[PL?]) I'll trade you
> cheap. It's my opinion that on a non-server box, the gained speed is
> minimal compared to the lost storage capacity suffered with
> any reliable
> RAID, unless you really need to mirror your data.

Well, I've got a Mylex EISA RAID that would probably have a
better chance of working. :) This machine has no PCI bus,
but has EISA and GIO64... Even if it did have the bus for it,
though, there would be the problem of finding an IRIX driver
for that board. IRIX supported hardware isn't exactly

Anyway, shouldn't a decent RAID allow you to select the mode
so that it only does striping ?


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