Blank Paper Tape Question (P.S.)

From: Carl Lowenstein <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 12:24:26 2002

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> Loboyko Steve wrote:
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> > The DSI punches punch their own sprocket holes. Funny,
> > I don't remember prepunched tape. Wouldn't that be
> > punched tape prepunched with NULL's (ha ha).
> It is a know fact that Santa's Elves will pre-punch your
> paper tape for you on their days off. You have a choice
> of white,red,or green paper tape.
> A low speed punch 10 cps vers a high speed punch
> 50 cps could be a important cost factor. Now if you
> had black paper tape one could zap out the holes
> with a laser giving you a very high speed punch.
> Since the punching speed does limit paper
> tape to a practical limit of about 8kb was there
> any really large paper tape programs? 4K focal on
> a TTY was as long a program that I ever loaded from paper
> tape ... 20 minutes.

Once (only) I loaded PDP11 DOS from paper tape onto an RK05 disk.
My memory is that it was about a cubic foot of folded paper tape
in trays. Fortunately I had a 300c/s tape reader, and a 9-track
magtape drive to make a disk backup afterwards.

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